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    1、for the life of the earth

    2、protect the environment against SARS

    3、railings block people from the heart.

    4、students to protect the campus health

    5、with our little hands flying green hope

    6、protect the environment, start with me

    7、environmental protection = life long life

    8、promote green consumption, green voters

    9、limited resources, unlimited circulation

    10、protect a green land, prop up a blue sky

    11、The 4 year, you and me in all the benefits

    12、give me a piece of green, you also a shade.

    13、life is so short, please don't hurt me.

    14、love for flowers, love and love the campus.

    15、protect the green cradle, you can, I can!

    16、the campus picturesque, benefit you and me.

    17、create a green campus, start with you and me.

    18、green - eternal beauty; School - forever home. -

    19、do not look on, please join the ranks of actors

    20、both gold and silver to green mountains and rivers

    21、protect the environment, speak less and do more.

    22、spit in the ground, insult written in the heart.

    23、the environment is your face, take good care of.

    24、conservation oriented, pollution control priority

    25、the campus is my home, health depends on everyone!

    26、the pursuit of a better life, should embrace green

    27、grass, trees, you, I, he, we share a family

    28、let the sky always blue, let the shade support home

    29、advocate green living and implement cleaner production

    30、green life declaration, environmental education game

    31、the grass - - less of me, the flowers become gloomy.

    32、water -----20 million people, the Department of life

    33、do not let tears become the last drop of water on earth

    34、if there are no trees, the world will be dim and dark.

    35、let the fresh air, so that blue sky, let Heshan green

    36、the protection of the environment is the choice of quiet.

    37、ask the altar where green so, for everyone to take care of!

    38、enterprise development, environmental protection must first

    39、protect the environment for the benefit of future generations

    40、the small grass fragrance, please you take the road around.

    41、when environmental protection guards do citizens of the times

    42、Life is like a song. Let the green paint the beautiful melody.

    43、environmental protection is a basic state policy of our country

    44、the rational use of resources to protect the ecological balance

    45、naturally have no friends? The wild flowers on the cement ground

    46、establish water saving awareness and oppose waste water resources

    47、protecting the environment means protecting the productive forces

    48、without the health of the earth, there would be no human health

    49、if you want the grass well, please don't dance on the grass.

    50、vegetation ruthless, willing to Cui pedestrians love, love more

    51、who said vegetation I heartless, campus add luster, I also line.

    52、adhere to the unity of water control and build a harmonious watershed

    53、the grass - - do not put your noble foot on me, because I will cry.

    54、to build a model city of environmental protection environmental guard

    55、build a model city of environmental protection and create a happy life

    56、green motherland, green home, green environment, everyone boast.

    57、to ensure the safety of drinking water, and maintain life and health

    58、you are the most beautiful in my heart, please don't destroy me.

    59、raise the awareness of environmental protection and build a better home

    60、cherish the water, protect the water, let the water benefit mankind.

    61、nature is the mother of mankind, you have the heart to hurt our mother?

    62、improve the environmental ethics and build a civilized and comfortable city

    63、spring flowers and trees have the intelligence, heart hi classmates love.

    64、raise awareness of environmental protection and take care of our shared homes

    65、under the blue sky you and me, his beautiful environment depends on everyone

    66、adhere to the harmony between man and water, and build ecological civilization

    67、big hands and small hands together to create environmental protection model city

    68、building a well-off society in an all-round way and creating a better home together

    69、pollution of the environment, thousands of people to protect the environment song

    70、do not figure yourself "by the way", and for the green campus convenient.

    71、improve people's livelihood and share the fruits of water conservancy development

    72、cherish the water resources, protect the water environment, and prevent water pollution

    73、building a well-off society in an all-round way and taking the road of sustainable development

    74、protect the environment power forever hurt the destruction of the environment through the ages

    75、to create a model city for environmental protection and promote sustainable social development

    76、pick up the old tradition of garbage sorting, and advocate a new fashion of green civilization

    77、protect the environment = for the benefit of future generations, environmental advocacy language

    78、build a model city for environmental protection and build a green home for environmental protection

    79、the destruction of the environment, protect the environment, including the ages, work forever

    80、garbage collection, protect the earth, Jushouzhilao, participation in environmental protection

    81、overall planning and overall planning should be taken to promote coordinated development of water resources

    82、if the environment is polluted, and the green will wither, under a withering will be your beautiful face.

    83、plant if I die, will not be able to dress up the campus beautiful campus. If you love, please give us some care!

    84、establish a scientific concept of sustainable development, all the people to create an environmental protection model city

    85、create a green school, beautify the learning environment 1, garbage ---- your abandonment of me, is tantamount to your morality also discarded.